Sunday Flea Finds


You know those Sundays? The ones where you’re so over having your billionth #lazysunday in a row and actually want to go out and show your face to the world. Well, thank goodness for Instagram for keeping me updated on all the things that are going on outside my house.

This past Sunday I woke up in the mood to hit the town in a Spring-y red lip and soak up all the sunshine…but under the comfort and shade of a shop ceiling. Scrolling down my Instagram feed I saw that Eastside Flea was having a grand opening at their new Main Street location. Having bought some handmade soaps last year at their UBC event (and having run out of them real fast) I was in my red lip in the blink of an eye with Mom by my side, ready for a girls afternoon. And — not gonna lie — I saw they were going to have artisan popsicles. That definitely got us out the door quickly.

If you’ve never been to the Eastside Flea, it’s basically a mishmash of things from different decades, as with any flea market. But what sets it apart is that all the vendors have been chosen to create a completely curated (and totally hipster) experience. Fo real. It’s a place where you’ll see Yorkshire pudding donuts, old-school dentist tools, and volcanic ash from the Mount St. Helen’s eruption (also fo reals!!).

So, besides some of the awesome food we dabbled in, I got my hands on a few goodies. Here they are!


Can’t find my previous pair so this is a, um, practical purchase. Black and gold for the win.




I’m a sucker for locally handmade soap. Meeting the person who so eloquently crafted bars of lavender that’ll make the air smell fab is something I’m always up for. This one’s by F5 Soap Co.





I’ve been obsessed with this style of naturally-shaped crystal jewelry. Seeing this pair of calming white earrings made me so happy! They’re small enough to be worn on slightly more casual days, but add the most unique touch of a little somethin’-somethin’. Rish Jewelry, you rock! Pun defs intended.


If you’re ever in the mood to browse through a collection of the most differently interesting things, be sure to check out the Eastside Flea for yourself!



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