Mint Chutney & Eggs

First off, I would like to thank my taste buds for craving a little something bright and spicy every now and then.

Second, I would like to thank my mother who kept telling me to try her chutney on everything. Including eggs.


This is nothing more than an appreciation post for my new favourite combo: eggs and mint chutney. Now, I basically grew up eating mint chutney on eggs, but that was usually with omelettes on weekend mornings.

This time around I poached a couple of eggs, placed them on toast with cream cheese, then stood peering into my fridge trying to find my favourite hot sauce to drizzle on top. Then my mom’s voice spoke in my head: “try the pudina (mint) chutney” and WAM! My breakfast was dressed with droplets of bright emerald that burst glimmers of spicy-minty freshness in my mouth.

It was a good start to the morning.



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