Mint Condition

So, it’s Sunday morning. You’re thinking, “hmmm, let’s make brunch.” While you’re flipping the buttermilk pancakes and your gaze juussst meets the grease at the bottom of the bacon pan you think, “crap.”

Now, I of all people get it. The craving for beautiful greasy food on weekend mornings. However, I also get the slight moment of questioning everything you’re about to scarf down. And by the way, this moment is just that: slight, like… really…slight.

Well, for one of those mornings where that moment of question pushes beyond slight to kind-of-serious (and you’re actually to the point of frantically finding something lame yet healthy to put on your plate), I’ve got just the thing: OJ. But, oh man, this is not your typical OJ.

Inspired by a recent visit to Nuba in Gastown where we had strawberry juice with a minty little somethin-somethin, this (mainly) orange juice is gonna blow your mind. This is a blend of a few different things + mint that, in all, make the orange pop in a fuller and richer way, if that’s possible.¬†And I realize this particular juice has no veggies and so maybe all the sweetness isn’t so great for you, but oh gosh is it delicious. Also, the fact that it’s probably not as bad as for you as the amount of syrup drowning your pancakes right now makes it healthy, right? And ok, I’ll say it: it’s the best damn juice I’ve ever made. Give it a go and tell me if I’m wrong! Happy juicing!


Makes 4-5 servings


8-10 naval oranges
2 medium carrots
1 large red delicious apple
Few sprigs of mint (to taste)
1/4 of a thumb-sized piece of ginger (roughly)


Juice all ingredients, chopped as needed according to your juicer. Easy-peasy-orange-squeezy!


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